Overtime games bring out the best in the Spartans

Overtime games bring out the best in the Spartans

Brown - NC coach Cox - Doug J
Connersville head coach Kerry Brown (left) and New Castle mentor Daniel Cox watch their teams warm up prior to the Spartans-Trojans Sectional 9 championship game in 2017. (Photo by Doug Jordan) http://photosbydougj.com/

When the Connersville Spartans beat Greensburg in overtime on Dec. 5, it was the 18th time CHS has played a game that required more than the regulation 32 minutes to decide the winner since Kerry Brown was hired as head coach in 2009. 

That includes 7 games that went into overtime during last year’s sterling 27-2 season. 

So how well have the Spartans fared during those nerve-wracking extra-session contests?

Very well — winning 13 times and losing just 5. 

Connersville established a state record last season by winning all 7 of its overtime games, including a double-overtime win over Mt. Vernon (Fortville) in a Sectional 9 battle, and a regional matchup against Brownsburg. 

Adding two extra-session wins from the 2015-16 campaign and one during the 2015 sectional, CHS won 10 consecutive games that went into overtime. 


Here’s the list of overtime victories by the Spartans so far in the Brown era: 


CHS 44, Greensburg 42

CHS 57, Richmond 49 (2 OT)

Pendleton Heights 33, CHS 30


CHS 55, Brownsburg 49 (regional)

CHS 59, Mt. Vernon (Fortville) 55 (sectional, 2 OT)

CHS 63, Northeastern 56

CHS 88, Mt. Vernon (Fortville) 85 (4 OT) 

CHS 52, New Castle 51

CHS 54, Greensburg 47

CHS 59, Shelbyville 57


CHS 52, Richmond 47

CHS 56, Rushville 48


CHS 49, Pendleton Heights 47 (sectional)

Northeastern 66, CHS 63

2013-14 — no overtime games. 


Pendleton Heights 48, CHS 45 (sectional)

Muncie Central 52, CHS 42


2011-12 — no overtime games. 


CHS 51, Anderson 47 (sectional)


Jay County 46, CHS 44. 


The Pizza Place, 105 E. 16th St., 825-4242


Photos by Doug Jordan, 265-1230 — http://photosbydougj.com/


Kmix 106.9 fm, Connersville


Lindy’s Liquor, 613 Grand Ave., 825-8731


Mr. Pizza, Cambridge City

Mr. Pizza, 239 W Main St., Cambridge City, 478-4721

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