Looking at free agent point guard options for the Pacers

Looking at free agent point guard options for the Pacers

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Looking at Free Agent Point Guard options for the Pacers 

by Luke Parrish, 8 Points, 9 Seconds 

NBA: Miami Heat at Toronto Raptors
Longtime Toronto point guard Kyle Lowry is a free agent the Pacers might be interested in signing. (Photo: Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press)

With Jeff Teague and Aaron Brooks set to be a free agents, Joe Young is the only point guard with experience on the Indiana Pacers roster. According to Luke Parrish of 8 Points, 9 Seconds, this year’s free agent class has more than one “high-end” point guard the Pacers might pursue.

And, “Finding a quality point guard can help the Pacers in more ways than one,” writes Parrish.

Check out Parrish’s column about Indiana’s possible pursuit of free agent help for the team’s backcourt — and more.

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