A master of his craft

A master of his craft

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Kerry Brown will be the first to say he has been blessed with some exceptional talent and young men with high character during his time as the Connersville High School boys varsity basketball coach.

He understands that more than anyone, and undoubtedly feels very fortunate. 

Connersville head coach Kerry Brown. (Photo by Doug Jordan) http://photosbydougj.com/

“We’ve got an absolutely great group of kids” … 

But the age-old saying, ‘It takes two to tango,’ is on full display here, and the Spartans’ players surely feel as fortunate as their coach.

Brown is a master of his craft. Simply watching the 26-1, 14th-rated Spartans play clearly shows that. 

Southport Regional 
Brownsburg (18-6) vs Connersville (26-1) — 10 a.m. 
Indianapolis North Central (23-4) vs Ben Davis (19-5) — 12 p.m.

The players give everything they have for the coach every second they’re on the court. The players listen to Brown. But they don’t just hear what he says, they absorb it. They make it work, and nearly always do the correct things on the court. The results are obvious.

“All of our kids are hard workers” … 

The versatility the team displays and the way it adapts to whatever the situation, is what sets this Spartans squad apart from so many others, and has made it a darling of the program’s always-supportive fans.

If the opponent wants to turn up the heat and run, the Spartans will go into sprint mode. Slow it down on CHS? Please do. Playing patiently and swinging the ball around the court quickly and effectively for wide-open shots might be what Connersville does best. 

Then again, there’s always that consistent and disciplined defense, so you can flip a coin on that. 

“We’ve got smart kids who always give 100 percent” … 

All teams play well, or have the capability to do so. The Spartans play well consistently. At times, as if it were scripted during the action. 

And it is scripted — during practice every day. 

“Our guys are determined” …

Which takes us back to the head coach who puts everything together and makes it work. 

“Coach Brown is 100 percent the hardest worker I know. He’s just a hard-working, dedicated guy and it’s such a privilege to have a man who cares about the kids the way he does,” said CHS assistant coach and junior varsity mentor Chris Bottomley. 

“He teaches more than basketball and he holds the kids accountable. It’s not just about basketball, he’s making them better men. They’re going to be great people and great parents in the future. You can’t ask for anything better than that.” 

Kerry Brown. The man responsible for one of the best rides many Spartan basketball fans have ever witnessed.

Kerry Brown. A master of his craft. 

CHS coaches 2017 sectional champs
Coach Brown, his assistant coaches and athletic trainer Audree Shaw. (Photo by Doug Jordan) http://photosbydougj.com/

No basketball program can be successful without a strong cast of assistant coaches, and Connersville has that. 

The staff includes: varsity assistant JD Miller, assistant and junior varsity coach Chris Bottomley, assistant and freshman team coach Tim Howard, volunteer assistant coaches Zac Rea, Kodi Smith and Joe Daniels. The team’s trainer is Audree Shaw. 

Noah’s Battery, 320 E. 30th St., 692-0488. Good Luck Spartans! Win that Regional!

Photos by Doug Jordan, 265-1230 — http://photosbydougj.com/

The Pizza Place, 105 E. 16th St., 825-4242 — Win that Regional Spartans!

Northside Package, 3104 Western Ave. Good Luck Spartans!

Please Patronize Locally-Owned Businesses In Connersville!


One thought on “A master of his craft

  1. Another great article. One thing for sure, we are all better people than when it all started. We have tightened the whole town with friendship, caring and togetherness. Funny how a town grabs something like the this and becomes so involved. I venture to say that no other team playing in the regional has so many people talking whether online, at the local stores and almost wherever two are gathered. It’s big here in Connersville and it reminds me of Hickory in the movie Hoosiers, only a on bigger scale. But then again we are a lot like Hickory. Go Connersville !

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