NBA playoffs seedings changed

NBA playoffs seedings changed

Seeding for the NBA playoffs is now based solely on a team’s record, after a change by the league’s Competition Committee.

NBA logoThe change means division winners will no longer receive an automatic top-four seed and home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

The changes, which the NBA Board of Governors reportedly approved unanimously, are effective beginning this season.

“As part of the modifications, the eight playoff teams in each conference will be seeded in order of their regular-season record,” the NBA said in a press release.

Most recently, every division winner was guaranteed a top four seed in its respective conference — despite its record — but did not get the desired home-court advantage if its opponent in the playoffs had a better record.

Teams can still win their division but with the change, winning a division no longer has any actual merit.

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Tiebreak criteria for playoff seeding and home-court advantage also was changed by the board. Head-to-head results are now the No. 1 criteria to break ties for playoff seeding and home-court advantage between two teams that finish the regular season with identical records. The second criterion is whether a team won its division.

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