The ’72 State Championship … we want your best memories!

The ’72 State Championship … we want your best memories!

chs state championship bowl floor logo 2If you were fortunate enough to witness the Connersville Spartans win the boys’ state basketball championship on March 18, 1972, it’s safe to say you have a special memory about that magical Saturday. Maybe two or three.

We want to hear those memories, Spartan fans — so get ready to share ’em.

Send us your best, most favorite memory from the day CHS beat Jeffersonville in the thrilling overtime semifinal, and destroyed Gary West to win the big gold trophy that every high school team was chasing, during the single-class tournament.

If your favorite memory is something that happened during one of the games, let us know. If it’s from the celebration(s) afterward, we want to hear it!

No matter if you were lucky enough to have been in Assembly Hall to see the games live, whether you watched them on television — good old Channel 4! — or listened to the action on WCNB radio, we want to know what memory stands out the most.

Comments we receive will be compiled and featured in a commemorative, print-form publication. Your name will be included with your comments.

Plans call for the magazine to be available in January 2017, in conjunction with the 45th anniversary of the Spartans’ championship. More information about the publication will be released in the future.

If you want to be part of the historical tribute, please e-mail your comments to Jim Free —, or Kimball Hendrix —

You can also send them to either of us through Facebook’s private message feature. If you prefer to mail them via the postal system, contact us by e-mail and you’ll be provided the address.

Spartans fans, there have to be some really special memories and moments about that warm spring day, so let us hear ’em, folks. Thanks a lot in advance.

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