Rondo, Duncan and the Spurs

Rondo, Duncan and the Spurs

rajon rondo
Rondo … NBA/Getty Images

April 24, Friday — my favorite day since I understood the calendar and that: ‘it’s the weekend!’ thing. Loved that truly classic comment from Tim Cowlishaw (on @AroundtheHorn) about guard Rajon Rondo ever playing again for the Dallas #Mavericks: “He will not. He will be seeking other medical opinions.”

Sweet! I wish ALL NBA teams whould pass on Rondo. Talent doesn’t overcome a loose-wire brain and totally disruptive person / personality. There’s too much decent talent out there to keep re-signing these idiot fools who don’t appreciate — and don’t deserve — what they’ve got goin’ for themselves and their families.

Thank you Brian Windorst for breakin’ down the LeBron James-Kevin Love #Cavaliers thing — in reality- and truth-style. That ‘Yeah baby, cool bro’! after a win … but sniping, finger-pointing (camouflaged as best as possible) after any loss. I say urine on that stuff. Anyone notice the ego maniacal mindset so many of our athletic ‘superstars’ seem to be plagued with?

Duncan ... Nathaniel S. Butler | Getty Images
Duncan … Nathaniel S. Butler | Getty Images

Happy times to be able to wish Happy 39th Birthday (on April 25) to Tim Duncan. What a player. What a career. Happy Birthday, #Spurs’ legend.

Speaking of the Spurs, it will be nice when they eliminate the Clippers from the playoffs. At this writing, San Antonio is giving Los Angeles a 92-55 beat down with 6 minutes left in Game 3. (Final: Spurs 100, Clippers 73)

Too bad there can’t be a mandatory ruling that no discussion about the Clippers — in any form — can take place after the draft until a couple weeks before training camp begins. Some people are sick of hearing the soap opera-like saga of that Los Angeles team.

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