Gettin’ started … with NBA Playoffs, etc.

Gettin’ started … with NBA Playoffs, etc.

april 12, 1991 - kh photo - jordan, reggie miller, personOK, if you’re reading this, PLEASE bear with me and the situation … I’m tryin’ to get this blog goin’ but have SO MANY things goin’ on now that I don’t have anywhere near the proper amount of time to do it. For now. But that — hopefully — will change in the near future.

Please stay tuned — and please keep reading my stuff. Oh yeah … if you’re a resident of Connersville or the area, PLEASE patronize Connersville’s businesses and dining establishments!

Also … if you’re reading this, please leave a comment if you have time to, and please share this blog on Twitter, Facebook — wherever! I know that ain’t hard to do. Stay safe and take care.

April 19: NBA Playoffs, Celtics at Cavaliers … LeBron James “clearly” fouled Tyler Zeller, said Mike Breen, and goal tends Isaiah Thomas shot, said everyone, and NO CALLS! Bulls–t!

April 21: Thank you Tony Kornheiser for your comment on Pardon the Interruption re: “Spanish” players and black players and the aftermath that would ensue. For Twitter: #TruthButSad

April 21: Michael Wilbon: (Sugar Ray Robinson & others) “They’d fight you outside a bar if they could put a ring up quickly enough.” A sweet, classic & true statement from Wilbon on PTI.

And to both of ya,’ great stuff about Cincinnati Reds’ manager Bryan Price’s rant on April 20 and how it pales in comparison to myriad situations of the past — and how Twitter and other social websites have — IN MY OPINION — have basically ruined the true ‘media’ aspect from the world all of us grew up in — for bad and good. It’s social COMMUNICATION, not social media. That’s my opinion, and there definitely is a difference. A big difference!

April 22: Bomani Jones, on ‘Around the Horn,’ says: Kyrie Irving is not as good as a “20-point, 12-assist (or 20p 11a) Dwyane Wade,” which is why the #Cavs won’t win the 2015 NBA championship. Thank you for that #truth, Bomani Jones. Much appreciated by many, I’m sure.



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